Welcome to our website and the Finnish-American Club of Tucson!
Our club was founded in 1966 and has changed with the times to a club that invites the community to experience Finnish and Finnish-American culture through social gatherings, talks, music, film and food.  We collaborate with other Nordic and Scandinavian cultural groups in Arizona and elsewhere.

Tervetuloa verkkosivuillemme sekä Finnish-American Clubiin Tucsonissa!

Kerhomme perustettiin vuonna 1966 ja sen tarkoituksena on kutsua koko yhteisö kokemaan suomalaista ja suomalais-amerikkalaista kulttuuria erilaisten tapahtumien kautta.  Vuosittaisiin tapahtumiin kuuluu yhdessäoloa, puheita, musiikkia, elokuvia ja hyvää ruokaa.  Toimimme myös yhdessä muiden pohjoismaisten ja skandinaavisten kulttuurikerhojen kanssa Arizonassa ja muuallakin.

Our club and Tucson were proud hosts to FinnFest USA in 2012.  FinnFest USA is a festival with strong academic, cultural, and commerce components presenting Finnish and Finnish American culture and heritage. It’s a festival that brings modern Finland together with historic and contemporary America. FinnFest USA is an ethnic festival like no other in the USA.

Finland and Arizona met November 8th – 11th, 2012 and engaged in a vibrant, educational, and festive celebration where visitors shared information and learned about contemporary Finland and Finnish-American culture during stimulating, fun-filled days packed with activities and events for all guests.

The local and regional community became a central part of the festival by contributing local performers, vendors and participants who engaged with Finnish and Finnish-American presenters, artists and guests.
Thanks to everyone who attended the event! You shared and explored your Creativity. Engaged your Curiosity about other cultures.  Connected with local and international visitors who wanted to learn from and experience Finland and Arizona!  We look forward to seeing you in future FinnFest events.