April, 2011

Backwoods Philosopher   (Havukka-Ahon ajattelija)

May 15, 2011

Wilmot Library
530 N Wilmot, Tucson
2 p.m.

This is one of the most popular and beloved works of post war Finnish Literature. Konsta Pylkkänen (Kai Lehtinen), is a rascal who lives by his wits and wiles – preferring to spend his time thinking deep thoughts rather than doing heavy labor. He is offered the opportunity to earn some money as a guide for two university biologists doing research in eastern Finland. These men develop a relationship that transcends differences in geography, class and education.

Kari Väänänen has assembled a stellar supporting cast including Kati Outinen, and an excellent cinematographer Timo Salminen, who makes the most glorious rural landscape near Kuhmo.

In Finnish with English subtitles. Rated K-3 (PG), the film is family friendly but not a children’s movie. Members of the public welcome!