November, 2009

Tucsonan Finn does it again!!

Wow!! what a Finn

Wow!! what a Finn

Gary Panttila at the Powerlifting State Championships in Tombstone, AZ came in first in the 242lb class. This was his 10th straight state championship in 5 years. He now has the state record in each weight class (181, 198, 220, and 242). He will be competing in December 2009 for the World Championship with the USA Powerlifting Team in Las Vegas. He is the only lifter going from AZ. He wishes to share his appreciation to the Northwest YMCA for allowing him to use the facility for training and to the members (Shannon St) who give him support on a daily basis. He also dedicated this last win to his mother Shelley, who celebrated her 54th birthday the day of the state meet. And to his workout partner Danni Eldridge who is one of the greatest female powerlifters ever. Strong words, Gary. “Kiitoksia kaikille, jotka auttoivat ja kannustivat, minua treenin aikana ja kilpailuissa!”

Nov 22, 2009

Hyvää Joulua!  Merry Christmas!

joulupukki visits the young people

joulupukki visits the young people

Christmas Dinner 2009 December 12th Dove of Peace Luthern Church Oracle Rd. & River Rd  area, Tucson 6:30pm

Little Christmas / Pikkujoulu (family fun)

Family oriented evening includes dinner with traditional Finnish dishes, Santa (Joulupukki) will make his annual appearance, Finnish Play, music and songs in Finnish and English.

If you are planning to attend, we would like to know it.  Please register for dinner ($7 single, $10 family) by December 8, 2009 so we can plan for you too!   Kiitos.

Please call Jim Wesanen 748-7582 or mail the dinner registration form below.

Dinner Registration Form

Finns love to eat!

Finns love to eat!joulupukki visits the young people

Nordic Fair

look at the stack of pulla bread

look at the stack of pulla bread
December 5, 2009

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Streams in the Desert Lutheran Church
6530 E. Pima St, Tucson  (close to Craycroft)

Scandanavian food, items, music.  We sell PULLA, braided cardamom loaves, which we are famous for.  Apple squares, candles, candle wraps, wooden elves, , Finnish items. New selection of Finnish books, i.e., Richard Impola’s translations of Kalle Päätalo’s beloved novels on Finland’s history. AND our own Sinikka’s Suomi Specialties!  PLUS Lorraine Esala’s recently published work: “Criss-Cross”–A Finnish Orphan’s Search for Family.

Tervetuloa Ostamaan!  Come Shopping!  Come Enjoy!